A new series of competitive races in Iowa this summer will answer the demand for sporting opportunities for riders of four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles. Andy Kyner tells how he and his wife chose the name for the Iowa “Hare-Scramble” Series . The name’s plain, simple and to-the-point — as he says “harescramble” is the term for a cross-country race in which riders go through woods, creeks, mud, over hills…through natural terrain. Kyner and his wife Tracy have ridden harescrambles in other states but never had an opportunity in their home state. The rider who completes the most amount of laps is the champion, and he says there are classes for all riders, from four years of age to a man in their group who races at age 65. He says for last 3 or 4 years they’ve traveled to about seven states to ride, but there wasn’t one in Iowa, and finally they decided to do something about it. The Kyners found enough willing property owners to provide locations for the races, which begin with an April event in Indianola. He says it took a lot of late-night phone calls and talks with landowners but once they nailed down a couple sites, more came up and now there are 5 or 6 who want to host races next year. Kyner says the demands on machines and riders are intense, and the couple figured seven races would make a good schedule for the first year. To see the locations for the ATV races this year, as well as sponsor information and news, surf to:www.iowaatvharescrambleseries.com