Fifty-million copies of the Sunday paper magazine-insert “USA Weekend” will carry an article this week touting the Iowa State Fair as a top attraction in the nation for folks to visit this year. The fair’s Kathy Swift says organizers are gratified by the exposure. Actually she says they’re “thrilled,” noting it’s like an invitation to the publication’s 50-Million readers to come to the fair. Swift says Iowa’s listed at number-two on the list of best places Americans may want to visit, and beat out some very famous attractions.She says it’s quite an accomplishment to come in at second, right after Las Vegas and ahead of Time Square and even Disneyland, which was ranked number 8. Swift says the attractions at the fair already get the attention of world and national media, and people come from all over to see things like the butter cow and the fair’s many displays and events. Swift says the fair’s capitalized on the idea of being the most famous one in the country, asking “Who else has a novel and three movies and a Rogers-and-Hammerstein musical inspired by that fair?” Sunday’s edition lists the “Top 10 places America goes to have fun.”