State Agriculture officials are spreading out across the state this week to conduct their annual survey. The Director of State Ag Statistics, JIm Sands, says it’s a three-part survey that begins with an area-based survey of farmers. He says they’ll also do some questioning of specific groups of producers.He says they’re going to talk to producers of grain crops and hay crops, and get acres planted, and what they intend to use the grain for, and how much grain they have on hand. The third phase will survey hog producers on their intentions. Sands says the survey provides important information on the state’s ag operations.All the information goes into the U-S-D-A’s reports at the end of June that compile the information from all across the country. Sands says it’s also important information right here in the state. He says many private firms do similar type work and have the data that they paid someone to collect, but the state provides it to producers. Sands says you may not see someone from the state show up at your door. He says they do a combination of face-to-face and some people are called on the phone. Sands says the surveys will be finished by the middle of this month (June).