It’s a “free fishing” weekend in Iowa. Those who fish Iowa lakes and rivers must normally buy a license, but this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is waiving the license requirement as part of National Fishing Week. D-N-R spokesman Mick Klemesrud says “free fishing weekend” is a wonderful way to introduce people to the sport of fishing. Klemesrud says you don’t need any special skills or physical abilities to enjoy fishing.Klemesrud says those who enjoy the sport have been stymied by recent weather conditions. Klemesrud says a “slug of water” came into Iowa because of recent storms, which “slowed down fishing success.” He says June should be a good month for fishing as waters recede, but Klemesrud concedes that’ll depend “on how much rain Mother Nature throws at us.” While you won’t need a fishing license to cast a rod in the pond this weekend, you must abide by other rules, like the limits on boat size or speed. The rules for fishing are posted on the Internet, at