Many Iowa farmers have had to make decisions about replanting corn and beans due to flooding or hail damage. Iowa State University extension agronomist Palle Pedersen says replanting flooded beans at least gives you a crop.He says it will give a lower yield, but compared to not harvesting anything, it’s better. He says replanting also helps control the weeds. Pederson says corn can still be replanted up until around June 10th and you’ll be able to get a crop. He says the decision on replanting hail-damaged crops is different than flood damage.He says so long as you have green plant material, the plant is still growing. He says you have to evaluate the plants to see if there’s growth. Pederson says the hail damage this early won’t be as big a problem if the plants survive.He says a lot of injuries and defoliation this early has less of an impact on yield than it does later in the growth stage. Pederson says he’d take a hail-damaged field over one that’s flooded.For more information on replanting, surf Look for the links to flood information.