Though Iowa will join with a majority of states in declining to close down government offices on Friday, the governor is going to Washington for a planned memorial for the late former president Reagan. Governor Tom Vilsack says Ronald Reagan was an American who had a tremendous belief in the “American Dream,” and lived it out in his own life. Vilsack harkened back to the early days of Reagan’s career, working at Iowa radio stations and covering sports. Vilsack says he got his start in the midwest and was instilled with values he took with him through life, and he adds it’ll be an honor to represent Iowa at Friday’s memorial service. Vilsack says Reagan’s life and his success remind us all of what’s “unique and great” about this country.He says that concept holds that anyone, from any walk of life, if they work hard and long enough, can accomplish their dreams.Vilsack will head to Wisconsin this weekend to speak at that state’s democratic convention in Appleton.