The state of Iowa is establishing new rules — for doggie day care operations. Ron Rowland, director of the Iowa Department of Agriculture’s regulatory division, says the industry asked for the rules because pet day care facilities were being regulated like kennels, and the rules stipulated that dogs from different owners are to be separated at all times. Rowland says the people involved in the industry wanted to be regulated to prove legitimacy. Rowland says the new rules were written over the past year and provide good safeguards for the animals’ welfare.Rowland says the animals cannot be fed together and are to be slowly introduced into play groups. He says there is to be adequate space for the animals and when they are playing together, a human must have an eye on the animals at all times. The new rules will go into effect June 30th. Rowland says if a facility shows its license, it’s a “credible” operation.Rowland says the people who’re operating doggie day cares must get a signed consent from the animal’s owner, acknowledging their dog could catch something from another animal in the day care or even be injured in the day care because sometimes animals just don’t mix well.