This is “National Men’s Health Week” and Iowa Health experts are asking men to be aware of their risk of heart disease. Arlene Johnson of the Iowa Department of Public Health says you should learn to notice the “obvious” signs of heart problems. By obvious, she says she means, chest discomfort or discomfort in the upper body, shortness of breathe, weakness or confusion. She says you should dial 9-1-1 if you experience these symptoms and not try to drive yourself to the hospital. Johnson says she doesn’t have evidence to back it up, but says it does seem like men don’t go to the doctor for checkups as often as women. She says she’s heard the stereotyping that men like to ignore the warning signs and blame them on something else, instead of understanding them and going to the doctor. Johnson says men need to take preventative measures. She says they do have stats that show more men than women are hospitalized with heart disease in all age groups except for 85 and over. She says it’s a good idea for men to have an annual physical so they can be aware of their health situation. She encourages female family members to push dad to get a checkup.She says a good Father’s Day gift is a reminder for you dad or grandpa to schedule a physical so they can find out what their health indicators are. Johnson says there are some good websites with more information.You can go, or