The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is launching a program in several cities this week that aims to revitalize and redevelop old industrial areas for new uses. The D-N-R’s Mel Pins says the program will help communities both from an environmental and an economic standpoint. The Iowa Brownfield Redevelopment Program will target former industrial sites and try and correct any environmental problems that could prohibit redevelopment of the land. Some communities are getting sizable federal E-P-A grants — 350-thousand dollars to Coralville and 400-thousand to Cedar Rapids. Pins says they have another site in Charles City picked out for possible redevelopment.The D-N-R and economic development officials in Charles City and Floyd County are looking at any environmental concerns that would need to be taken care of before a possible redevelopment of the old White-Oliver factory could take place. Pins says they have requests to look at many other properties all across Iowa.The Iowa Brownfield Redevelopment Program is a joint effort between the D-N-R, the Iowa Department of Economic Development and is funded by the U.S. E-P-A.