The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says landowners who want to remove debris left on their land by floodwaters might need a permit. D-N-R environmental specialist Dave Allen says large deposits of sand, gravel and other debris can be left behind when the waters recede. He say if you’re located on a stream that has a flood plain of more than 10 square miles, you need to check if you want to move the debris into the flood plain. If you’re taking it out of the flood plain, then it’s not a problem. Allen says improper disposal of the materials could cause more trouble. He says the big is that the sand and gravel can be pushed up against the stream bank to form a levy, and that can exacerbate future problems. He says you can call and the D-N-R will help you properly get rid of the debris. For more information, contact Dave Allen at 515-281-6930.