The interim leaders of Iraq are threatening to declare martial law, a move that troubles some pro-democracy activists in the U.S., but it’s not a big worry to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Grassley says “There’s a difference between martial law where everybody behaves themselves and Saddam Hussein’s police state where innocent people could have their arms cut off or be beheaded or put in jail forever just ’cause they didn’t look at Saddam Hussein in the correct way and worship him.” Grassley praises the handover of power from the U.S. to Iraq and trusts the new leaders in that nation. He says “They want democracy. They want everybody to participate. They want freedoms and I think they’re making the decision, not the U.S. government.” A U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday ruled Americans and foreigners who’re being held as “enemy combatants” -do- have the right to challenge their imprisonment in court, a blow to Bush administration anti-terrorist policies. Grassley says times change and the government will have to change too. Grassley says the President was relying on previous decisions and thought the right thing was being done, but now, the Supreme Court’s ruling will have to be accepted and followed.