A woman who -could- be America’s next First Lady has revealed a few of the hints she’s given her husband about the process of selecting a runningmate. The wife of democratic presidential candidate John Kerry campaigned in Iowa yesterday, and Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack was alongside. Mrs. Vilsack’s husband is now on the list of potential democratic vice presidential candidates, and during an interview with Radio Iowa last night, Teresa Heinz-Kerry talked about the advice she’s offered her husband about the search for a runningmate. Heinz-Kerry says she told her husband the process of selecting a runningmate should be disciplined, broad and private. Heinz-Kerry encouraged her husband to look at folks not only from politics, but from academia and the business world. Heinz-Kerry says the exercise of casting a wide net helps you identify strengths and possibilities you might not have thought before were important in a runningmate. Heinz-Kerry says she’s been a part of that “exercise” and has read a lot about the candidates Senator Kerry is considering. But Heinz-Kerry says she has little say in the final decision. She says Kerry “will ultimately will make his decision alone.” Heinz-Kerry campaigned in Davenport and Des Moines yesterday, focusing on children’s health issues. She says government policies should go back to promoting the old-style relationships between one doctor and one patient or family.