The Iowa State Patrol says you should pay attention to the numbers on the white signs to avoid seeing their red and blue lights on this Fourth of July weekend. Jim Saunders is the Public Information Officer for the I-S-P says they’ll have 70 extra troopers on the roadways. He says they have funding to join roughly 200 other law enforcement agencies for a “CARE” or combined accident reduction effort. Saunders says the Fourth falls on a Sunday, and that’s a little different than other holidays. He says it just extends the travel period from Sunday through Monday. Saunders says drunk drivers are a big concern during this summer holiday. He says they’ll focus on alcohol related offenses with the goal of reducing the number of injuries and fatalities. He says all three fatalities investigated by troopers last year on the Fourth of July were alcohol related. Statewide there were four other alcohol-related fatalities. Orange cones and closed lanes are another thing you’ll see this holiday. He says there are a number of locations throughout the state where there are construction zones. He advises you to check the D-O-T’s website to find the best route for your trip. Saunders says you can call 800-525-5555 for assistance this weekend.