What do Iowans think about Vilsack’s chances of becoming John Kerry’s runningmate? Radio Iowa’s O.Kay Henderson did a non-scientific survey on Sunday in Independence.

Some of the Iowans who attended a Kerry campaign event in Independence on Sunday were not high on Vilsack’s chances to be Kerry’s runningmate. University of Iowa student Ryan Beatty of Independence wants Kerry to pick North Carolina Senator John Edwards.

“I’ve noticed a lot this past week there’s been even more speculation, more names have been thrown out there,” Beatty said. “A lot of people have been expecting John Edwards and I think they’re throwing those other names out there just to kind of create a little ounce of surprise to reinvigorate the campaign.”

Louis Wendling of Independence had a similar opinion.

“I’ll be honest with you, I think he has some better choices,” Wendling said. “The Waterloo paper this morning had a list of choices, and I think he had some better ones on there.”

But there were others who thought Vilsack would be a good v-p pick. Tom Harland of Independence was one of them.

“I just like the way he stands up for our rights on the different bills (republicans) tried to pass through,” Harland said. “He stood up and said what he thinks.”

Mary Donnelly of Winthrop says she doesn’t have an opinion on what reporters have dubbed the “veepstakes.”

“I’m waiting to see what Kerry says, and I think most people around here mostly would go with his recommendation,” Winthrop said. “I think most people would like to see Vilsack stay in Iowa.”

Laree Randall of Independence says she’ll support whomever Kerry chooses.

“I think Governor Vilsack is a very good person and if he picks him, we will give him a lot of support,” Randal said. “We’re just anxious to find out who Kerry is going to select.”