A woman accused of concealing a nursing home resident’s injuries from state inspectors is working at a nursing home in southwest Iowa. Fifty-four-year-old Ann Dose is one of two women who faces federal charges in connection with a 1999 incident at the Indian Hills Nursing and Rehab Center in Sioux City. A nine-count indictment accuses Dose and 40-year-old Carla Weber of Indianola of conspiring to hide the fact that an 84-year-old woman fell from a chair and suffered injuries that required stitches. The indictment says Dose and Weber purposefully excluded the woman’s name from a list given to state inspectors and positioned the woman in a chair so they would not see her injuries. If convicted, Dose and Weber could face up to 50 yea4rs in prison and over two-million dollars in fines. The administrator of the Atlantic facility where Dose now works referred questions to his company’s headquarters in West Des Moines. The company owns both the Atlantic and Sioux City homes. Officials at the West Des Moines company were not immediately available for comment.