In Tuesday’s testimony, Cass County Attorney James Barry came under fire — over firearms. Much of the day was spent hearing about the purchase of a high-powered “sniper” rifle and where it was kept. Ron Feilmeyer, Attorney for seven Atlantic residents seeking to remove Barry from office, attempted to prove Barry kept the firearms in his possession and had other weapons delivered to him that were seized by the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. The most damaging testimony came from Deputy Darby Mc-Laren, who said Sheriff Larry Jones asked him to take 23-hundred dollars cash out of the drug fund for the purpose of buying a gun for the County Attorney. Mc-Laren said he functioned as the “middleman” between Barry and Jones and Barry and the Sheriff’s evidence room, and that Barry asked him to return weapons to the evidence room and to Jones, about the time the State Auditors investigation began.