Following allegations of a sex scandal, Clay County leaders may soon begin searching for a new county assessor. The Clay County Conference Board met Thursday to discuss the status of county assessor Larry Rozeboom’s position. Board chairman Joel Sorenson says they voted to fire Rozeboom after his lawyer said Rozeboom would not resign.Rozeboom, of Spencer, is accused of using a county-owned laptop computer to solicit a 17-year-old boy for sex. The accuser is an anonymous man who claims he’s the boy’s father. No charges have been filed. Sorenson says the decision to fire Rozeboom was very difficult, but proper. Sorenson says “we all liked him” and there have been no complaints about Rozeboom’s performance, but the firing was based on the county’s personnel policy. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is looking into Rozeboom’s computer activity. The D-C-I seized computers and equipment from Rozeboom’s office in the county administration building. Rozeboom’s attorney, Ned Bjornstad of Spirit Lake, says he and his client were disappointed by the decision and he took immediate action.Bjornstead says his appeal of the board’s decision holds off Rozeboom’s firing until a hearing is held. No date is set for that hearing, as yet. For now, Bjornstead says Rozeboom is on suspension, with pay.Bjornstead says Rozeboom is still a county employee but has no duties and is out of the courthouse, pending the hearing. The state of Iowa has a list of certified candidates available as the county begins the search for a new assessor.