The fuel price survey this month by the Department of Natural Resources contained an historic note in addition to the usual gas price averages. The D-N-R’s fuel price analyst Jennifer Moehlman says in July more were pulling up to the ethanol-blend pump. It was more than 95-Million gallons, compared with a previous high of 92-Million in one month. It means 65-percent of all gasoline sold in Iowa was ethanol-blended, probably mostly because it’s cheaper by one to four cents a gallon. Moehlman says initial resistance to alcohol-based fuel is eroding as buyers leave behind their fears that it will hurt their engine or car parts. She says as they use it they’re realizing it’s just fine in their cars, all major manufacturers warrant it, and it remains cheaper. Moehlman says another factor that helps the sale of fuel made from corn is the 85-percent ethanol blend being sold at more stations as “e-85.” E-85 is being sold at just 12 stations around Iowa, so it has less impact than the standard ten-percent blend but she says it’s “definitely growing.” The figures are for July, the latest month available.