The republican who’s challenging democrat Congressman Leonard Boswell criticized Boswell today for breaking a promise. Stan Thompson, a republican lawyer from Des Moines, this morning held up a copy of a term limit pledge Boswell signed a few years ago.Thompson ripped the paper in two to make his point. He says Boswell promised to serve just eight years in Congress, but has already served eight years and is now breaking his word. Thompson says “Iowa voters expect their elected officials to keep their word.” He says Boswell’s congressional record over eight years shows not one bill with his name on it has become law. Boswell responded. Boswell admits he signed the term limit pledge, but his “grandfather told (him) one time a thinking person is allowed to change their mind with new information.” Boswell says he decided a couple of years ago he’d try to stay in Congress rather than lose the seniority he’s accumulated. Boswell says it’s not good for Iowa to lose the influence he’s gained from his eight years in Congress because it would just give states like California and New York more influence. Thompson and Boswell made their comments during taping of an Iowa Public Television program that will air tonight at 7:30. The two men are seeking to represent Iowa’s third congressional district which stretches from Des Moines to Grinnell.