Many of us played it as a kid. Next week, there’s a global championship for adults being held in Canada for the World Rock Paper Scissors Society — and competitors are needed from Iowa. Managing director Doug Walker says the game is much more than child’s play and there’s big money involved.Walker says “The prize purse is ten-thousand dollars and you could be the world champion of Rock Paper Scissors. There’s not many sports that offer you the chance to become the world champion just for showing up.” You remember how it works. Opponents face off and shake their fists three times, then produce either two fingers for scissors, a flat hand for paper or keep the fist for a rock. Scissors cuts paper, rock crushes scissors and paper covers rock. Walker says winning the title won’t get you to the Olympics, since Rock Paper Scissors will never be part of the summer games. He says “We at the World Rock Paper Scissors society are proud of the fact that we don’t have any rules against performance enhancing drugs of any kind, which really doesn’t fly all that well with the Olympic committee.” Walker admits it’s a simple game, but next month’s World R-P-S title competition is drawing a planetary audience. Competitors are coming from the U-K, Australia, Norway and all over the U-S, but as yet there are -no- contestants registered from Iowa. Walker says “we’re looking for some Midwest representation.” The World R-P-S Championships will be held October 16th in Toronto. For more information, surf to “”.