Republican Congressman Jim Nussle and his democratic challenger, Bill Gluba, had a contentious half-hour-long “joint appearance” this morning. Gluba repeatedly accused Nussle of doing the bidding of big business. Gluba says Congress needs to put a halt to the outsourcing of American jobs, as he says Americans “can’t compete against slave labor.” Nussle says America can’t become “protectionist” and put up walls. Nussle says Gluba’s proposing a “world police department” to manage labor laws around the globe, and that would not work. Nussle touted his vote yesterday on a bill that closed some corporate loopholes that companies have used to move operations overseas.Gluba told Nussle that’s too little, too late. “Where have you been for the last 12 years?” Gluba says. “Since you’ve been in Congress, we’ve consistently lost jobs.” Nussle responded. “Bill needs to pick up a newspaper,” Nussle says. “We just created a hundred thousand jobs this last month. We’ve created 1.9 million jobs just since last year alone.” Nussle said September 11th delivered a “gut punch” to the economy and it’s just now recovering. Nussle and Gluba made their comments during taping of an Iowa Public Television program which will air tonight at 7:30.