The Drake Bulldogs look to stay unbeaten in the Pioneer League North Division race with a visit to Butler. The Bulldogs opened the division race by holding off the University of San Diego in a high scoring affair. Drake coach Rob Ash says after you lose one game then you have to read the papers to see if you’re still in the race. He says if you keep a zero in the loss column you can take it week by week and he says it makes a big difference in the excitement of the preparation for Butler. The offense continues to improve and that unit is putting up big numbers. He says it took awhile to get going and it was an early concern, but he says the offense is really starting to click and getting better every day.The defense has done its part. The Bulldogs have forced 17 turnovers to this point, one shy of their total for the entire 2003 season. He says they’re plus 3 in turnovers which is good, and he says it indicates the experienced defense is making plays. Butler is 1-5 on the season.