Police have charged five teenagers in connection with a pop bottle bomb that injured a woman in the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale. The Urbandale police department says 61-year-old Kay Sutton found two pop bottle bombs near her home on October 14th. One of them blew up as she was trying to get rid of them and she suffered minor injuries to her left hand. Police say her discovery came after residents had reported a loud boom in the area that same night. Police say they tracked the bottles to an underage party at a nearby residence held by senior students of West Des Moines Dowling High School. Police say five sixteen-year-olds apparently attempted to disrupt the party by setting off a bottle bomb. The owners of the home where the party took place were out of town. Three of the five were charged with reckless use of explosives, while the other two were charged with interference with official acts. All five have been referred to juvenile authorities. Police did release the names of the five who were arrested: Andrew Ott, Kyle Johnson, John Liston, all of West Des Moines and Michael Antenucci and Karl Ganske of Des Moines.