As Thanksgiving approaches, Iowans who plan to travel by air would be wise to snap up tickets soon, or they’ll likely be outta’ luck or outta’ spending money. Travel agent Steve Glenns says the upcoming holiday travel season is expected to be exceptionally brisk. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are expected to be very busy. Most people realize the Sunday after Thanksgiving is usually the busiest day of the year for air travel. Glenn says Iowans could save a lot of money on Thanksgiving plane tickets by jockeying their schedules a bit. If you travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and return the following Sunday, it’ll cost you quite a bit more. He suggests trying to fly out on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and returning the following Monday or Tuesday, and you may save up to 50-percent. While many people buy their tickets online, Glenn says using a travel agent has its advantages, like if the fare for your flight should happen to drop. He says if you book a 300-dollar flight and the price drops to 200-dollars, a travel agent may be able to get you a 100-dollar voucher good for future travel on that airline.