A Harrison County man has pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic animal abuse. In exchange for the plea, his attorney says 18-year old Eric Freihage will receive supervised probation for one-year, be required to perform 80-hours of community service, and make restitution to the owners of a donkey and a horse. According to court documents, Freihage shot the animals belonging to Scott and Brenda Pape of Little Sioux in March. Attorney Judson Frisk says if Freihage complies with the terms of the agreement and has a clean record, the guilty plea would be removed from the record after a period of about a year. Freihage — who had previously entered a not guilty plea when the case was moved to adult court late last September — was facing up to two-years in prison and a fine of up to five-thousand dollars. The man will be sentenced December 13th.