Iowa’s Governor has taken his name out of the running for a national leadership post in the Democratic party. Governor Tom Vilsack issued a statement at mid-day, saying he was flattered to be encouraged to run for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. But Vilsack spokesman Matt Paul says the governor has decided against seeking the job. “The Governor went to Mount Pleasant to spend the holiday with his family. He met with his senior staff late last week and thought about it over the weekend and made his decision late last night,” Paul says. The make-up of the Iowa Legislature when it convenes in January was a consideration since there’ll be an even number of democrats and republicans in the state Senate and republicans will hold just a one-vote edge in the Iowa House. Paul says the governor is “committed to maximizing the sort of new sense of opportunity that exists here in the statehouse.” Paul says the governor believes there is a geniune opportunity for bipartisan cooperation on major issues like educaton and job creation.”He has two years left as governor and he wants to focus his efforts at the statehouse in those areas,” Paul says. Vilsack has also been on many lists of potential candidates for president in 2008, and being chairman of the Democratic National Committee may have hobbled a presidential bid. However, Paul says there’s not much to read into Vilsack’s decision not to seek the D-N-C post. “He was flattered by all those around the country (who) called him, urged him to (seek the DNC chairmanship),” Paul says. “But at the end of the day what was important to him was going about his work as governor.” In his prepared statement, Vilsack said the next two years “present a unique opportunity” for the state to continue to rebuild it’s economy and education system. “These challenges and opportunities require more time than I felt I could share.” But Vilsack — who is just concluding his sixth year as Iowa’s governor — will become the most senior democratic governor in the country and Vilsack said he’ll “continue to be an active voice in our party and a zealous and committed advocate for a Democratic agenda of opportunity, responsibility and security.”