The Iowa State Patrol is taking part in two special projects during this Thanksgiving weekend. Jim Saunders,the spokesman for the patrol, says the first one is the “STEP” project that includes state, county and local officers in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities over the weekend. Saunders says the second program is “CARE” or combined accident reduction effort. He says that involves the Iowa State Patrol and other state patrols across the country and it’s designed to look for seatbelt violations, and drunk drivers. He says it’s designed to look for conduct by drivers that exposes them to risk and might increase the number of accidents. The STEP program started Monday, and the CARE effort will put an additional 70 troopers on the roads during the heavy travel times. He says six people were killed during the Thanksgiving holiday last year and he says the State Patrol wants to get that number down to zero. Saunders says Iowa’s on track for a 59-year low in traffic deaths and they don’t want to spoil that. He says they want to be sure people stay aware of the dangers with more traffic on the road during the holiday, so the downward trend in deaths doesn’t change. Saunders says you can help by reporting drivers who’re operating their vehicles recklessly by calling: 800-525-5555.