Administrators of organizations that help the homeless are asking Iowans to share some of their bounty this holiday and beyond. Jim McWeeny, the resources coordinator for the Iowa Homeless Youth Centers, says when people sit down to their Thanksgiving feast he says he hopes they’ll be fully aware that there are thousands of people who’re less fortunate. McWeeney says he hopes when people recognize the faces of the people in need, that they’ll also recognize the ways they can get involved and truly make a difference and impact that need. McWeeny says they want people to know the need extends beyond the holidays. He says. “We certainly appreciate the fact that as the temperatures get colder people become a little more cognizant of the fact that there are people out on the streets, that there are homeless.” He says they also appreciate the generosity show during the holidays, but he says he has to point out that homelessness is a year round problem. McWeeny says the problem doesn’t go away once the holiday decorations are put away.He says,”those people are there, under bridges, in abandoned buildings, in our emergency shelters, in our food lines year round. They certainly will be there during the holidays, but they’ll also be there in January and February, and those are two months in particular which we hope people will keep them in their minds and in their hearts.” McWeeny says they urge people to call their local United Way, or to dial 2-1-1 to find the names of the organizations that’re serving the poor, the hungry and the homeless. He says they urge you to get involved and contribute to these organizations with money or your time.