The sexual abuse trial of Centerville teacher Timmy Higbee is underway in Washington County and the ten-year-old accuser took the stand Wednesday — the first day of testimony. The girl testified via closed circuit TV that Higbee had fondled her on more than one occasion in the classroom behind his desk during the second and third grade. The girl could not remember any details of when the first alleged fondling occurred nor how it took place. The uncertainty of her answers cleared the way for Higbee’s attorney Alfredo Parrish to show the accusor her previous testimony which often contradicted what she said under oath Wednesday. Parrish went as far as to get the child to admit she had lied when providing certain testimony. Prosecutors argued the child didn’t say contradictory things on purpose, chalking it up to her youth and the fact the alleged incidents took place more than two years ago.ANCHOR TAG: It’s the second trial this year for Higbee. He was acquitted of similar charges involving another girl in March.