Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway got some extra motivation from as unexpected source last summer as he prepared for the 2004 season. Greenway was a second-team all Big Ten choice as a sophomore but was listed by a writer at “The Sporting News” as the league’s most over rated linebacker. He says his roommate Matt Malloy called told him about it, and later his parents who have a subscription to the magazine read it and told him. He laughed and said they no longer take the magazine. Greenway says it’s the writer’s opinion and he’s entitled to it. Greenway keeps the article in his locker and has had the last laugh this season. He led the Hawks in tackles and was named All-conference for his play. He says he was underrated coming out of high school, and he says he apparently didn’t prove himself enough last year to the writer. But, he says he’s proved himself to the people who matter. Greenway is from Mount Vernon, South Dakota and feels his situation is similar to how the Hawkeye program is viewed. He says they’ve gone to three January bowls in a row, and he says they don’t get the respect they deserve. Greenway says other schools like U.S.C get more noteriety when it comes to all-America teams and honors, but he says Iowa’s way is working and they’ll keep doing it.The Hawkeyes won a share of the Big Ten title and take a 9-2 record into a Capital One Bowl matchup against LSU on New Years Day.’