The countdown clock is running for people anxious to get on the road and on their way to Christmas celebrations. While some people may head out early today, Iowa State Patrol spokesman Jim Saunders says Christmas Eve will be the busiest. He says most generally when the holiday falls on a Saturday, the heaviest traffic is on the Friday before and then the Sunday after. The weather is expected to remain bitterly cold through Christmas Day, so Saunders is advising travelors to be prepared. He says you should be sure your car is maintained properly, have your tires and windshield wipers in working order. He says keep you cellphone available to use to call in an accident or if you get in an accident and need help. The Patrol participated in a national traffic enforcement effort last weekend, but will have a normal schedule of troopers on the road this weekend. Saunders says they’ll be keeping an eye out for traffic violations, and try to prevent any traffic deaths. He says they’re hopeful they can minimize the fatalities as last year there were six fatalities over the Christmas weekend. Saunders says you should check the Department of Transportation’s website for the current road conditions before heading out.