While there’s global concern about the extensive loss of life on the other side of the world from the recent earthquake and tidal wave, some Iowa producers are wondering how the disaster may influence their businesses. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the tsunami will have minimal immediate effect on the exporting of corn, soybeans and pork. Grassley says the disaster will likely devastate the economies of those countries and will take them some time to get back on an “even keel” and will hurt trade in the Far East to some extent. He says it’s still unknown how far the ripples from that deadly tidal wave will reach — perhaps to Iowa. By impacting world trade, Grassley says there’s a secondary impact on the U-S but not a direct impact and likely no less of an impact on Iowa than the nation as a whole. Reports say at least 44-thousand people are known dead in a dozen countries, including at least eleven Americans, though NO Iowans were reported among the casualties. Iowans who are interested in helping survivors recover might consider sending a check to the nearest chapter of the American Red Cross, according to Bob Kelly, a Midwest spokesman for the agency.Kelly says to call 800-HELP-NOW for a credit card donation, send a donation to the local chapter in care of “American Red Cross International Relief Fund,” or log on to www.redcross.org. He says the impact of the tsunami is far-reaching and it will take months for some areas to recover. He says donations will help cover the costs of providing medical supplies, food, clothing and shelter for perhaps as many as a million people who have lost their homes.