An animal rights group critical of operations at the kosher slaughter house in Postville is now asking Allamakee County to file animal abuse charges against the plant’s owners. PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — charges that the animals are killed in an inhumane manner. Yesterday, PETA protestors, including Peter Goldsmith, picketed outside the offices of the Allamakee County Attorney. Goldsmith says the State Ag Secretary has said while she doesn’t have jurisdiction over operations inside the slaughter house, the county prosecutor did and he says that’s why they picketed at the prosecutor’s office — holding laptops that showed video an “undercover” PETA person recorded inside the plant. Goldsmith says PETA has written what he terms a “full complaint” — asking the county attorney to review the video, review applicable laws, and press charges against the company. AgriProcessors officials say they slaughter animals in a kosher method that’s been approved by the U-S-D-A. An AgriProcessors V.P. says slitting the throat of an animal that’s being slaughtered is the kosher method. He says it’s approved by the government — and it’s humane. Iowa’s Ag Secretary recently visited the plant. The company V.P. says the plant is clean, sanitary and all the animals are treated in a humane fashion. Allamakee County’s Attorney has no comment on PETA’s petition.