The Iowa State Cyclones need to recover from a bad start to the conference season if they want to bolster their post-season hopes. ISU is 0-4 in the Big-12 after a two-point loss at home to Colorado and will be on the road Wednesday night to visit Kansas State. Cyclone coach Wayne Morgan says they have some work to do and have to play better. He says they’re close and have lost some games they should have pulled out. He says they have to work to get where they aren’t just close, but are winning those games. He says the players are frustrated with the situation and know the fans are as well. Morgan says they come in every day and work as hard as they can to get better and work at things. He says hopefully the players understand that when you play well and are winning, that people pat you on the back and tell you how good you are. And, when you aren’t winning, they tell you that. Iowa State is 8-7 overall.