Authorities searching for an escaped prisoner from the Adair County jail may have picked up the trail again. Madison County Sheriff Paul Welch says they’ve found a pickup stolen near Greenfield after 31-year-old Nick Briner escaped from the jail there. He says another truck, an 84 Chevy, was stolen near the spot where the other was found. The sheriff says he got a call about 7 this (Wednesday) morning and was told the stolen Chevy truck was found in northern Missouri, and though he wasn’t told this, he’s assuming the suspect stole another one there. Adair County sheriff Randy Marchant says Nick LeRoy Briner escaped an outside exercise area at the jail about half-past noon on Tuesday. Sheriff Marchant says the prisoner was being held on two counts of vehicle theft and also had two pending counts of burglary in Iowa’s Union County. Marchant says Briner escaped by wrenching loose part of a chain-link fence that surrounded the exercise area. The sheriff says the prisoner somehow separated the wire at the bottom, and was quickly gone. Briner’s suspected of stealing a pickup from a Greenfield home near the jail. That truck was found about six miles northeast of town, where a red Dodge pickup was reported missing. That’s the truck found this (Wednesday) morning in Madison county, at the same place an 84 Chevy truck turned up missing today…and that Chevy’s the one found on the Missouri side of the border.