Governor Tom Vilsack says lawmakers will have to go through a bit of a “learning curve” to digest the budget plan he’ll reveal later today (Monday). Vilsack will ask legislators to shut down some state programs, and cut spending in others. He discussed the budgeting process in general during a recent interview with Radio Iowa. “Well, I think they can expect certain programs that have been funded in the past not to be funding, and I think they can expect some change in the focus and direction,” Vilsack says. In addition, Vilsack is going to lay out a series of budget cuts to make if the state’s cigarette tax isn’t raised, and then a separate series of spending increases that would coincide with additional tobacco tax revenue. Vilsack says legislators will be able to “graphically see” the implications of the decisions they’ll make because he’ll outline the cuts that he believes wlll be necessary if the cigarette tax isn’t increased. Vilsack will hold a public hearing in Waukee this afternoon (Monday) at four o’clock to release the details of his budget plan.