Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz hopes his new group of Hawkeyes live up to their expectations. After back-to-back wins on New Years Day the Hawkeyes have what may be their best recruiting class in the program’s history though Ferentz says it will be a while before they find out just how good this class is. He says recruiting rankings are a lot like preseason rankings in football in that they’re based on past performance. He says their focus remains on playing good football, but he says you can’t win without good recruits. The Hawkeyes signed seven players who took part in the Army All-American game and finally broke through with some big-time prospects after coming up short in recent years. Ferentz says they still missed out on some top recruits, and says that’s part of it. Ferentz says they understand they always have to work hard and it’s never easy competing against the other top programs. The Hawkeyes landed three of the best offensive lineman in the country as well as the nation’s top tight end in Tony Moeaki out of Wheaton, Illinois. Ferentz says he’s really happy with the group they’ve signed and says it’s an area they’ve neglected recently. He says their success on the field has started to have some effect in the recruits they’ve been able to bring in.