A group of republicans and democrats in the Iowa House is proposing a starting point in negotiations to recreate the Iowa Values state economic development Fund. Representative Clarence Hoffman, a republican from Charter Oak, and other members of the House Economic Growth Committee say the bill that cleared the House two years ago should be the base on which to build. Hoffman says in its 18 months of operation, the Iowa Values Fund handed out 70 million dollars that helped create 15-thousand new jobs that pay an average salary of over 37-thousand dollars. “What is happening is working beyond any expectation that I ever had,” Hoffman says. The Iowa Values Fund was closed down by a Supreme Court ruling this summer. The Governor has called for resurrecting it and spending 800-million dollars over five years — much of it in large state grants to startup or expanding businesses. Senate Republicans, though, have been an obstacle to the program in the past and Senate co-President Jeff Lamberti today (Thursday) said the ideas he and other senate republicans advanced last week — like not charging Iowans under age 30 income taxes — are superior. “We threw out our ideas, and quite frankly, we think some of our ideas are better,” Lamberti says. Hoffman says he’s “not going to go there.” “I’m not going to say their plan is better or our plan is better,” Hoffman says. Hoffman says he hopes everyone will be open to ideas, and “pick the best out of every plan.”