One of the members of an Iowa National Guard support group in Carroll that won an award from the U-S Department of Defense says all Iowans can help support the troops. Deb Davis is the wife of a soldier and a member of the “Keepers of the Flame” group that won the award. Davis says there are some simple things you can do to show your support. Fly your American flag, put yellow ribbons around your tree. Davis says these may seem like small things — but she says the family members of soldiers notice. “It is very supportive to family members who see ‘Support our Troops’ signs, support our troops flags, yellow ribbons, the magnets that people have on their cars, they’re all over the place. Those are support. Any kind of support so the families back home know that they’re not forgotten, that the community is behind them and understands that they’re making sacrifices also,” she says. Davis says a kind word of thanks means a lot too. “It helps so much for people to say they’re proud of our soldiers, they’re proud of us.” Davis’ husband is a member of Company A, First Battalion of the 168th Infantry that’s currently on federal active duty in Afghanistan. She hopes to find out soon that he’ll be coming home.