Finishing touches are being made at the Iowa Hall of Pride, which opens to the public February 24. Director Jack Lashier says the 26-thousand square foot attraction is the first of its kind in the country and pays tribute to Iowa high school athletics, as well as academics, drama and music. Lashier has worked on the project since 1995. He says when you’ve worked on something this long, it’s incredible to see it happen. Lashier says there were some days when he didn’t know if it would ever happen. The February 24th ribbon cutting will include tributes to Iowans who’ve gained national and international fame. They’ll unveil a life-size bronze statue of former wrestler and coach Dan Gable. In addition to exhibits on Iowa high schools and famous Iowans, there are lots of interactive exhibits. With their admission, visitors will receive a special credit card device to use for the interactive displays. You’ll get a smart card that allows you to do a certain number of interactive games, such as calling balls and strikes in a ball game.Lashier says the Hall of Pride is more than he imagined 10 years ago, and as it comes to fruition, he says this is fantastic.The Iowa Hall of Pride is located south of Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines and is part of the new Iowa Events Center.