Iowa State coach Wayne Morgan says he won’t mention the NCAA Tournament to his players. The Cyclones have won five straight games and suddenly look like a team that could be headed back to the big dance for the first time since 2001. Morgan says they talk about the next game, and then when that’s done they talk about the next game after that. ISU takes a 13-8 overall record into tonight’s game at home against Kansas State and with a victory would improve to 6-5 in the Big-12. Morgan says they have some young kids who have figured out how to play, and who have figured out if they play hard defense, then they really have a chance to stop people. Morgan says a pair of freshman have had a big impact on their winning streak. He says Tasheed Carr and Rahshon Clark have both stepped up and are playing the way they’re capable.Kansas State won the first matchup back on January 26th but Wildcat coach Jim Wooldridge says this is a much better Cyclone team. He says they have more guys playing well and are playing with confidence. He says he’s always thought the Cyclone’s guard play was some of the best in the league.Wooldridge says the Wildcats will need to limit their turnovers, as he says ISU forces teams into a lot of turnovers and likes to force the tempo.