Do you think you’re getting paid enough? About half of us do, according to a survey of Midwesterners. Jack Wiley, head of a Minnesota-based research firm, says 52-percent of the people surveyed across the region say they’re satisfied with their salary. Wiley says there is a separation: men at 54-percent satisfaction with pay, women at 50-percent. He says “That’s not a totally surprising gap. I think we’ve seen that for many years and of course I know the goal of many organizations is to close that even further.” Wiley says one of the factors pulling down many people’s earnings is health care. The survey also asked people their opinions about the leaders of their workplaces. Wiley says “In some cases the numbers are still fairly low with regard to how people are rating their leaders but really, what’s impressive is that it is continuing to track upwards, so the arrow is pointed in the right direction.” He says the corporate scandals of recent years caused many Americans to view the integrity of their company’s leadership with skepticism. A year ago, only 37-percent of people would recommend their family and friends buy stock in their company. That’s up ten points this year.