An eastern Iowa couple is under investigation in one of the region’s largest-ever cases of animal abuse. After receiving a complaint several weeks ago, authorities executed a search warrant Wednesday at the Olin and Wendy Andrews farm near Palo in Linn County. What investigators say they found were hundreds of horses, dogs, cats, and other animals suffering from a lack of food and water. They also found five animal carcasses. Veteranarians brought to the farm determined many of the animals were suffering from starvation and dehydration. The situation prompted investigators to remove the animals from the farm. Volunteers spent the day transporting the animals to a nearby farm in Buchanan County, where they’ll be checked over and cared for. Authorities haven’t decided whether to file charges in the case or if the couple will be allowed to keep any of the animals. They say those decisions likely won’t be made until next week. Officials are considering charges of animal endagerment and animal neglect.