With the growing popularity of e-mail, some speculated the U-S Postal Service might go out of business. That won’t happen though, according to Jolene Kacere, retail manager for the Postal Service’s Hawkeye District, covering parts of Iowa and Illinois. Kacere says the post office shifted its focus to thrive in the on-line world. She says “We are simply changing the type of business we’re doing. E-Bay-ers are using us on a very regular basis to ship their packages to their customers and they’re particularly pleased they can purchase insurance online too, so they don’t even need to come to the post office.” Kacere says she’s hoping more Iowans get the message soon as this is U-S-P-S-dot-com Week. She says you can do just about anything on your home P-C that you can at the post office. Kacere says a wider variety of services are on the Postal Service website. Customers can hold mail and change addresses online, pay for postage using a credit card, print shipping labels, purchase insurance and even ship international packages and summon a carrier to pick them up.