Mason City leaders are looking for someone to take over the renovation of a historic downtown hotel and they may look to an on-line auction-house for help. Mason City education specialist Monica Doyle says putting the Park Inn on E-Bay does not mean the city has to sell the structure — the last remaining hotel designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The ad format is not a binding contract and people who are interested will contact the city via the ad. Doyle calls E-Bay a “dynamic way to get people all over the world to see what we have here in Mason City.” The Mason City Foundation was overseeing restoration of the Park Inn but pulled out last month, due to a lack of support. The hotel is now owned by the city. Doyle says the city can post the listing on-line for up to three months if the city council wants to do so. She says the city can run the ad for 90 days or pull it at any time for any reason. All of the e-mail will go to Doyle and she says it would be a great way to reach organizations all over the world that “we don’t know about.” Councilman Max Weaver suggested the city ask groups to get together on their own and he says city staff members should be willing to help any group that comes forward.The city council is scheduled to vote on whether to advertise the project on E-Bay at Tuesday’s 7 P.M. meeting.