Today is Iowa State Flag Day and a celebration is planned in the south-central Iowa town of Knoxville, which is considered the birthplace of the banner. Brian Stickel, executive director of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, says a local woman created the first official flag for the Hawkeye State. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt designed the Iowa state flag, which was adopted by the state legislature on March 29, 1921 and had been carried into battle in World War One so the Iowa military units could be identified both at home and “over there.” Stickel says you’ll see plenty of the red, white and blue flags flapping in Knoxville. This Iowa State Flag Day was declared by the legislature in 1998 so schools, civic groups and everyone else could display the flag and reflect on its heritage. Stickel says the formal celebration will get underway at three o’clock this afternoon in Knoxville. He says there will be a celebration including performances of the “Iowa State Flag Song” and other patriotic tunes, in addition to several presentations and fun events for the kids. For more information, consult “ .”