There were new developments today (Monday) in the case of a Western Iowa teen accused of arson and murder. A pre-trial hearing that was supposed to be held for 17-year-old Tracey Dyess was instead put-off, until prosecutors, defense attorneys and the judge can hold an informal telephone conference call later this week to discuss the case. Cass County Attorney Dan Feistner says during that meeting, it’s expected Dyess’ May 24th trial date will be pushed back for another month or more. In other developments Judge Jeffrey Larsen last week, ordered Tracey to submit to hand-printing and hand-writing tests, for the purpose of comparison with that found on notes at her home. If the writings match, prosecutors contend the acts of arson and murder were premeditated. Tracey is accused of setting fire to her family’s home in Griswold March 31st. Her 13-year old sister and six-year old nephew died in the blaze that she admits to setting, in order to harm her stepfather Brian Street. Street – who is now in prison awaiting trial on Federal child pornography charges – had allegedly molested Tracey for the past three years.