It’s estimated nine of every ten Iowa kids riding in a car safety seat right now is -not- properly buckled in, according to a study by Triple-A-Iowa. Jennifer Ruby, a child advocate and certified safety seat technician, says the study translates to most kids being at serious risk if there’s a wreck. Ruby says “The seats are not in tight enough, meaning that the actual seat belt system within in the vehicle is not holding the child safety seat in properly. So, therefore, the child is not going to get the full benefit of the seat if a crash does occur.” Ruby says most Iowa parents need to find the installation instructions for the safety seat and do it again, correctly. Ruby says “85 to 90-percent of seats are improperly installed which could lead to…if a child is involved in a motor vehicle crash of some sort that they could sustain additional injuries because of the improper installation of a child safety seat.” Ruby says law enforcement agencies across Iowa routinely offer safety seat inspections. She recommends parents who are concerned about their installation check with the local police about those free courses.