The Iowa Council for International Understanding will have an Iowa native who is gaining fame for his newest book as the keynote speaker for its annual dinner June 27th. Michelle Soria says Des Moines native John Shors, who now lives in Colorado, will return for the event. He was just award the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award for his historical novel “Beneath a Marble Sky” which is about the Taj Mahal. Soria says the dinner will feature other activities too. She says they’ll present five awards to individuals and organizations that have promoted the mission of organization which is to build cultural respect around the world and at home, one person at a time. Soria says many people are surprised to find Iowa is more than just a rural farm state. She says people who come to the organizations events are always surprised at the diversity they find. Soria says the annual dinner is open to the public. For more information about tickets, call the I-C-I-U at 515-282-8269.