The Waterloo Open is best-known as a professional golf tournament but there will be several days of action at three different courses this year. Tournament director Andy Miller says the action begins on Wednesday with a youth clinic and continues on Thursday and Friday to the pro-sponsor event with about 75 teams participating.The pro’s tee off on Saturday for a two-day tournament that will pay 30-thousand dollars to the winner. Miller says the Waterloo Open is part of Iowa’s grand slam of golf. The first event was held last weekend in the Quad Cities, this weeks Waterloo activities will then be followed by the Cedar Rapids Open. Miller says a 25 thousand dollar bonus from Warren Transports will be given out should a participant win both the Waterloo and Cedar Rapids tournament. Miller expects a full field of about 192 for the pro tournament. There is also a points-based amateur tournament which Miller says will draw golfers from across the state. The tournaments conclude on Sunday.